Nutech (OTC Markets Symbol; NERG) is a natural gas and oil exploration and development company that has developed a patented technology for the production of coalbed methane (CBM) without the need to pump water. Nutech currently operates wells in the Powder River Basin area of northern Wyoming and has commitments to acquire thousands of additional wells.  

Coalbed methane wells typically produce large volumes of water when they are operated according to traditional practice. The water is pumped out of the well, liberating methane gas from the coal seam. The removal of water from wells not only has a cost related to pumping and handling, but disposal of the water creates a separate set of problems as well as costs. These costs cause most CBM wells to become economically unfeasible in a relatively short time period. The result has been the shutting-in or abandonment of thousands of wells throughout the region. Nutech Energy Resources, Inc. is uniquely poised not only to remedy this problem for the industry, but to acquire and profitably operate wells that were previously cost prohibitive.

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Nutech pipeline assets in Wyoming